Notas de lançamento

December, 31

New iOS SDK 1.4.0

December, 30

New .NET Client 2.2.0

New Android SDK 1.5.0

New New apps: Grunt and Jenkins. Use Grunt/Jenkins with Crowdin CLI to automate localization tasks like uploading source files and downloading translations.

New New app: Translate your emails and run multilingual campaigns with our new connector for

New New app: HelpCenter. Localize your help center articles in Crowdin and provide multilingual customer support.

December, 29

New New apps: ButterCMS and Storyblok. Localize landing pages, e-commerce, and more with Crowdin. Make your website build with ButterCMS or Storyblok multilingual.

December, 28

New Google Drive app: You can now translate not only your own files, but also those shared with you. For this, choose Show shared files during Google Drive app installation or enable this feature in the app > Settings.

December, 22

New .NET API Client 2.1.0

December, 20

New JS API Client 1.12.4

December, 17

New Crowdin GH Action 1.4.3, 1.4.4

New CLI 3.7.3, 3.7.4

New Introducing the Crowdin .NET client. It is a lightweight interface to the Crowdin API v2 that provides common services for making API requests.

December, 16

New Ruby API Client 1.1.0

December, 15

New Marketo app update: Now in addition to files, workspaces, defaults, emails, and email templates, you can localize forms, snippets, and landing page templates.

December, 14

New New apps for email localization. Sync the sources from Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Postmark, Moosend, iContact, Klaviyo to Crowdin and download translated versions in a few clicks without copy-pasting.

December, 13

New Java API Client 1.3.16

New Improved management of TMs and glossaries. View and manage only assigned project resources. For this, on Crowdin, go to a project > Resources > TM/Glossary > Hide unassigned. On Crowdin Enterprise, go to a project > Resources > TM/Glossary > Filter > Status > All/Assigned/Unassigned.

New Now you can use the Unify Placeholders feature for iOS XLIFF file format as well.

December, 09

New Adobe XD plugin 1.6.0. In the new version, you can enable the pseudo-localization feature, use “Element text” as a key naming pattern, send and update screenshots directly from add and edit string dialogs.

New Crowdin is multilingual. ? More than 15 languages are available. You can change the language of Crowdin's application and Editor. You can also choose the time zone and format. To manage Crowdin Language, go to your Account Settings > Profile > Language & Region.

New Add and edit plural strings via API. Learn more about Add String and Edit String methods.

New Crowdin supports Unreal PO and ICU file formats. Localize Unreal Engine games in an easy and fast way.

New New app: HelpDocs. Translate your knowledge base articles. Upload sources to Crowdin and download completed translations back to HelpDocs without copy-pasting.

New New app: UniSender. Translate your emails and run multilingual campaigns with our new connector for UniSender.

New New app: Salesforce Experience Builder. Install the app and automate localization of your site created with Salesforce Experience Builder.

New New app:Gainsight. Crowdin connector for Gainsignt allows you to quickly upload source content to Crowdin for translation and download completed translations back to Gainsight without copy-pasting.

New New app: Helpshift. Our new connector allows you to upload source content (FAQs) to Helpshift, download completed translations back, and manage localization in a few clicks.

December, 08

New New app: Intento MT Hub. With the Intento MT Hub for Crowdin, you can use 40+ machine translation systems provided by Intento on your Crowdin projects.

December, 07

New New app: CleverReach. Install Crowdin + CleverReach connector and automate your email drafts translation. No copy-pasting, sync files for translation and download them back with a few clicks

New New app: Spellcheck Manager. With the Crowdin Spellcheck Manager app, you can more efficiently manage spelling QA issues. Put a whole list of words on the ignore list in just a few clicks.

December, 02

New iOS SDK 1.3.0, 1.3.1

December, 01

New Sketch plugin 2.6.0

New Crowdin is now ISO/IEC 27001 certified ? Read more about security at Crowdin.

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